Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 46

So we are just over half way, can you believe it!? I can't. Secretly by now I was hoping to love exercise, hate french fries and to have somehow achieved health enlightenment (it's a beautiful place where doughnuts look unappetizing and after a long day at work you just want to get home to your pull up bar).

Not there yet but we'll see, for now I still have little struggles in my mind about leaving the doughnuts in the case, and forcing myself to workout.

I know that it's just for now, and that retraining my body will make it so after the PCP I don't have to worry about it all that much, and that is easier to swallow. I don't want to just leave it all behind me after the 90 days though, but I can't see myself doing this type of intense workout alone if I didn't have to. I think I would like to start doing a sport like tennis maybe, because I do like breaking a sweat doing something fun and involved.

When I lived in Providence sometimes we would go to the Rhode Island rock gym. I've never seen a gym only dedicated to rock climbing since, but I'm sure they are out there. It would have been perfect to build upper body strength in a fun way.

We don't have one around here though, so maybe ill just have to take up something we do have here, like the fastest sport in the world...Jai Alai.


Amy said...

girl, have you quit taking pictures or are you just stashing them?

Lene said...

It's so many fun activities out there. I do agree about it being hard to work out alone, but I feel I have eyes watching me and would feel soooo guilty if I skipped one. Keep going strong, we're getting closer to perfection everyday, hehe

Patrick said...

You won't have to work out so hard once you've put the muscle on. It can be sustained with fairly moderate exercise that's backed up with a healthy lifestyle.