Friday, February 20, 2009

Day ???, Whats my name? Where am I?

I am not saying I wasn't warned, Patrick asked us all repeatedly before we started the project if we could dedicate a good chunk of everyday time to PCP. Of course when he asked I believed that because I had what added up to several hours a day of free time, that I could certainly work it in with ease.


Several new and time consuming responsibilities have come into my life and scheduling has become a nightmare. I thought I could force PCP into the cracks of time I had available but it gets insane when I leave the house at 7am and don't come back until 10 pm (not the norm but it happens). Exercising at night, trying to pack to-go fruit in my purse that just gets bruised and mushy, finding any time to read my PCP e-mails or write blogs, this week ran like an old rusty machine, with many mini wrenches jamming the cogs.

My new workout this week is to focus on my preparation and scheduling muscles.

Also I discovered kale this week. I'm not sure why I never paid any attention to this leafy green before but if you toss it in just a little olive oil and roast it at 375 for 10- 15 minutes its crispy and delicious. Kale is also packed with vitamins and minerals, yay!

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Amy said...

I love Kale! Is it me or does it taste like green beans?

My favorite way to eat it is in Portuguese Kale Soup. The bakery up the street (RIP) used to serve it and I loved it so much.