Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today we were allowed to have a "cheat", a conservative 200 - 400 calorie break from our strict diet. I decided to try a few things just to see if my tastes have changed over the last few weeks.

I started off slow having sweet vanilla whole milk yogurt with my breakfast instead of plain fat free. It tasted so rich and delicious, I'm sure before I started PCP even the sweeter yogurt would have tasted sour, but now this yogurt tasted decadent and creamy.

For lunch I had a spinach salad like I usually do, only instead of avocados and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, I had a salad topped with balsamic caramelized shallots, warm dried figs, and a little good quality crumbled blue cheese.-I've been dreaming about blue cheese since we began, my cravings for "junk food" is almost completely gone, I no longer want Cheetos or chocolate covered pretzels, my cravings have upgraded to better quality, but still PCP off limits food like expensive cheese and complex desserts.

In order to test this theory I tried a potato chip, the first crispy chip was great, the second also good but salty, the third was way too salty and I didn't want anymore after that.

To finish off my spree I had 2 organic ginger cookies. I could have probably eaten a sleeve of these wonderful Paul Newman cookies 6 weeks ago and still wanted more but I gave myself 2 and afterwards I felt like that was sufficient.

Very interesting experiment!


Lene said...

You really do have decadent taste, Carole! I have so far had 4 red vines licorice, my absolute favorite, and later I will have a piece of brownie cake as today is my birthday...

Patrick said...

Now that's an indulgence Carole. Bleu Cheese dressing! That's a classic that I'd never think of.