Monday, February 23, 2009

Sexy Gall Bladder

Patrick recommended 8 minute abs to us the other day and I must admit, I love it! I'm really concentrating on my ab muscles because my PCP dream is to have a super tight stomach in time for bikini season. (come to think of it, even though it is February here in Florida, most days are in the 70's which may constitute bikini season but I officially kick it off in April)

A tight tummy is a little superficial goal that keeps me motivated because I can't see how awesome and healthy my gall bladder looks.


This is just an infuriating little ditty about good ol' fashion High fructose corn syrup. Yup that's right, this is what's on American TV lately. Many versions exist but only one formula...a person commenting on the other person eating a HFCS laden food, something like

"I can't believe you're eating that thing with corn syrup."
"Why not?"
"Well you know, its uh like uh, people say.... uhhhhhhh."
"What, that its natural, and made from corn and is fine in moderation?"

Try to see them all if you haven't had the pleasure. (beware of many spoofs)

This commercial is playing off of the public lack of specific knowledge about corn syrup, just like the general public used to know little about the specific effects of nicotine. It is my opinion that high fructose corn syrup is one of the main reasons why America is dealing with an obesity epidemic. The truth is that corn syrup is much cheaper than other sweeteners, which is why these commercials have cropped up, sponsored by the caring folks over at the Corn Refiners Association. High fructose corn syrup is an inverted sugar and the molecular structure is such that your body is unfamiliar with it and so it never knows when it has had enough or too much. It is very difficult to eat in moderation if you aren't specifically avoiding it because it is in most packaged foods. Take a look at the label if you never have, it's in ketchup, almost all salad dressing, bread, canned fruits and veggies, it is even injected into meat products. Please check out the wealth of information on the subject that isn't sponsored by people making a living off HFCS.



Patrick said...

Ugh that video makes me sick to my stomach. Sure, HFCS isn't incredibly harmful if consumed at a reasonable amount, but because it is found in almost every packaged food it is not consumed in a reasonable amount by anyone on a moderately junky diet.

I wish they'd serve the kids something besides colored sugar water.

And I love the line, "it's made from corn"

Cocaine is made from the coca plant! And heroin is nothing but poppy sap that's been treated a little. Must be healthy, right?

Carole said...

HERE HERE! and what exactly is moderation? a little every day, every week, not drinking it straight out of the bottle? I could seriously have a word with the execs over at the HFCS headquarters.