Monday, February 2, 2009

Just say NO!

So , Superbowl has come and gone, I went to a party and hung out by the crudite platter and fresh fruit bowl (because I like eating more then football.) Most of the dishes were meat based the dinner table so it wasn't too tempting, the dessert table was giving me a come hither look while whispering my name into the wind. I mingled around the party, talking to many people who don't know me very well. I started getting strange responses from those I told about PCP.

"You don't need to diet your already so skinny."
"That sounds too extreme."
"You should just have a little, you've got to let loose."
"Just have a brownie, and here, also have vodka and diet, it's diet."
"You only live once just relax and enjoy it."

I decided to tell people about the diet so that I would feel embarrassed if they saw me cheating, but my plan could not have backfired more because then I had about 5 people who every time they saw me were trying to convince me to eat a brownie or drink a margarita(or light beer, c'mon its light). Any attempt to defend the process or my participation was met with blank stares followed by "What about a just a little cheese ball thats ok, right?" ::blerg::

Who are these people, does Patrick plant spies? (that seems a bit elaborate)
What is the goal of these confectionery enablers?

I'll just keep taking cues from Nancy Reagan.


Kim said...

I'm proud of you!!!

Patrick said...

Ha ha, you've learned your lesson. Never tell anyone at a party about the PCP. It becomes a major distraction.

We'll talk about the strange reactions you get from people in the next few weeks. Trust me you're not alone.

It might help to explain that you're "training" at the moment and are on a special nutritional plan that a cheese ball would throw off. People seem to respond better to a positive "I'm on a special plan" than a negative, "I can't eat that."

Anyway, funny story. I'll have to send those checks out to my spies in Florida.