Friday, February 6, 2009

Long thin slimy ones, Short fat juicy ones...

The last 2 days I haven't felt completely like myself, as many women (hopefully some who have gone through the project) might relate to.

I've got the "nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna eat some worms" feeling, and wishing that worms equaled chocolate cake. I let out all of my frustrations on my fellow PCPers and they couldn't have been more supportive, you guys are the greatest, and said exactly what I needed to hear to feel better and back on track. Which is especially helpful when someone is making brownies around you, (you know who you are ::death stare::) I'm so happy we're in this together, you all rock, THANK YOU!!!

This week in exercises we've moved on to pull-ups and other more challenging versions of our routine , I'm not quite there with the pull-ups but I'm happy to say that the sit-ups and squats are really building up my muscles, as is the resistance band training. Sometimes I think I'd like to cut up my jump rope, bury the pieces in my backyard and then dance on it's shallow grave, but other times I thank it for helping me turn my double chin into a single. So all is well.

Choosing the best avocado: give it a gentle squeeze, it should not be soft enough that a gentle squeeze leaves an impression, if it stands this test give it a harder squeeze, if it still doesn't dent it's not ripe ,which may be ideal if you plan to use it in 3 days, but if you're like me you need your "avo" fix now, choose the one that gives way to medium pressure.

If you feel strange molesting the neighborhood produce another way to select avocados is the stem method, just flick off the nub of the stem at the top, if it's hard to pull off it's not ripe, if you flick it off and the "navel" underneath is brown or black it's too old, and over ripe, it should be easily removed and a green or light color underneath.

Holy guacamole!


Lene said...

We all have times like that, but luckily they pass. You get kinda addicted to working out. In the beginning I thought, wow, everyday, but now I really want to get it on....EVERYDAY!!!! Go girl!

Amy said...

That is awesome avocado advice. Thanks! I will be squeezing some produce very shortly....