Saturday, February 14, 2009

Try not to think of Nirvana.

Happy Valentine's Day!

1lb Heart Box of Chocolates
Today was a very busy day for me, up very early with only 5 hours of sleep rather than the PCP prescribed 8 hours. It has been go go go until right now at 8:30 when I'm writing this post and then off to dare my muscles to hold out for another work out.

We stared this project about a month ago and my thoughts were that it was a great time of year, with few distracting holidays to throw off the diet and routine. I have since realized that you can't escape the "special" occasion.

For me it has been Superbowl, gasparilla, family in town, birthday celebrations, now Valentine's day, followed by Marti Gras, Buzzard day (march 8th), st. Patrick's day and Easter.

Today I had a single piece of dark chocolate from my heart shaped box.

It was OK. I had 1 piece, but I once saw a TV show recently about a girl struggling to lose weight, and on Valentine's day she seriously binged, because it was a "special occasion". I admit I have owned this mentality, a little too much here and there because I got the job, because quit my job, because it's Arbor day. I could eat anything on a special occasions and if I thought hard enough any day was that special day.

Those days are over for me. I may not always do thousands of jump ropes a day or count my grams of food after PCP, but I could never approach my diet the same way again. I wasn't doing myself any favors wasting my everyday best health for my "special" occasion binges.

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Patrick said...

I used to be totally guilty of this too Carole. No matter what, I'd find a reason to binge. It's the middle of a busy week! It's the end of a busy week! It's about to be the start of a busy week!

The day after my binge I'd feel so crappy and guilty I'd hardly eat anything, and think that I had done a good job "balancing out" the bad day. Then because I did such a good job making up for my bad day I'd binge all over again.

You're right, that's no way to live and it makes your body look and feel awful.