Saturday, January 24, 2009


This post is in response to Lene's post "Bad Habits Die Hard":

A little peek into my brain today.


Right shoulder: "hmm, i think we should eat some cheetos."
Left shoulder: "no, we're on a diet...duh"
R: "i know but they're the natural cheetos"
L: "but they're still from a factory and that's a no no"
R: "you could just count them as your carbs"
L: "no way, that would be letting myself down"
R: "but no one would ever know"
L: "yea i guess...WAIT, i mean no! I would know"
R: "whatever, square"
L: "*sobs* this is hard"

Don't feel alone dealing with the cravings. Just stick with good shoulder.


Joel Longtine said...

Carole, you'll get through it! Keep rocking it, and enjoying the challenge of creating tasty foods with the constraints we have!

PCC Admin said...

That little guy on your left shoulder will quiet down in a few days once you reach escape velocity from all those habits of yore.