Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 9: Uphill

Patrick wants us to open up about our struggles and the man gets what he wants....

As my friends in Rhode Island might say: exercising is wicked hard (wiggid haahhd). I'm sorry to say I am not enjoying it (yet). I'm dreading doing it right now. I really hope I overcome this feeling but I'm also a little scared that I wont. Don't get me wrong I still do the exercises but the whole "it releases endorphins" and "feels invigorating" I have not been there yet.

The diet however is great I already thought way too much about eating, often excited about the possibilities of lunch/dinner while eating breakfast. so having to concentrate on this diet is just a more focused approach. Our current food intake is unbelievable, at the moment I'm working on a breakfast built for three.

Patrick has also let us know that we are expecting an announcement, maybe an addition of sorts.
I hope we're getting a puppy.


Zabka said...

Hi Carole. Just wanted to let you know that the Peak Condition Project caught my attention when I stumbled upon it online (via Slate's The Happiness Project blog, which held a link to Gwen Bell's blog, which linked to Joel Longtine's blog, which brought me to Patrick Reynolds' blog, which then brought me back here). It sounds like something right up my alley :) I'll be checking back to see how you're doing. Wish you the best!

Patrick said...

I also don't enjoy muscle training exercise, believe it or not. I also don't really like folding clothes after taking them off the line, but I do that too. I put exercise and folding clothes in the same basket; "things that I don't like to do but that are important and really aren't that bad once you start"

Carole said...

Hi Zabka, thats a lot of linkage, but it's cool that you took the time to comment, thanks for the well wishes. hope you stick around to see the results.