Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 14

In my past life I loved mayonnaise. Homemade olive oil mayo with lime juice, white wine and tarragon could make any sandwich amazing.
I've been eating my fair share of dry egg sandwiches lately and I needed moisture, somehow it came to me that I would spread cold carrot soup on my toasty bread and the rest is history. I never thought I could actually prefer soup to mayonnaise on my sandwich, but I do, it gives me great flavor, less fat, and perfect moisture. The possibilities are endless, so many soups so little time...actually lots of time, time to try delicious soupy sandwiches.

1 comment:

Lene said...

Sounds good, I have to try that, but how do you make the soup? Another thing, do you have a receipe for pesto pizza? I figure I need variety in my food, because you do get tired of the same old all the freaking time!