Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I just enjoyed my "last meal", a delicious dinner of Ethiopian food.

It is very scary for me to think about how radicaly my diet will be changing over the next few months. To me, food has not just been my sustenance but my passion. I am a vegetarian chef and I live to eat but I'm ready for change. I'll go into more detail later but for now...digestion.


Tim said...

Hi Carole,
PCP2 got really absorbed in the food side of things for a while. What we really needed was you to tell us how to eat well within the PCP guidelines. I'll be following with interest.
Good luck!

maki said...

Wonderful to have you on board! PCP made me really appreciate what goes into my mouth. I can't wait to see your findings.. Best of luck to you. maki

Nate said...

This will be great to follow your ideas of food! I love food, and I love the PCP, combined is just pure awesomness! I will certainly be a volunteer test kitchen if you need it!