Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not an Egg-head

It is said that it takes 1,000 attempts before one can make a perfect tortilla, so this is somewhere between 50 and 992 for me.

(also follows the pancake law that the first one is always weird looking)

This is the recipe I was playing with today:

Homemade garlic corn tortillas (made with unbleached mesa)
under diced onion and peppers seasoned with chipotle
puree and cumin powder, all topped with fresh tomatoes
and avocado with a squeeze of lime.

A part of the beauty of this dish is versatility. I added egg whites into my veg mix while cooking and it came out perfectly, but it could just as easily accommodate meat or fish.

I am a vegetarian, so in the PCP I am receiving my protein from eggs. Unfortunately for me eggs are among my top 3 least favorite foods (eggs, olives, spaghetti) so I will be spending a good deal of effort masking their taste and texture.

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Joel Longtine said...

It's been great to see what you're doing with the diet, Carole! I'm excited to pick up some tips from you. Having all this time, and being required to prepare my own food is really going to help me understand and appreciate food. I'm going to go to a spice shop tomorrow, and it will be cool to see what they have to offer.

I'll also try some of the stuff you have been creating... although I must admit I find the corn tortilla a bit daunting... do you have recipes for those? Or a good place to get them online?