Sunday, January 18, 2009


It was really difficult for me to choose an inspiration. I finally landed on the picture of Logan Tom shown in my banner. I don't actually know much about her other than she's a volleyball player, who has got a rockin' bod, and is shiny. I have many inspiration pictures around of different people, pictures that embody female strength, grace, and power.

I guess the binding factor in the pictures I admire is the sense that these women are truly owning their ground.I'm bit on the lanky side and quite clumsy, something I hope to improve upon with PCP, so I respect the "solid" feeling these women represent.

I've also found that it really inspires me to exercise when I think about running into some hot celebrity guy while wearing a swimsuit on the beach...

"Oh, hi Jake, I'm just working on my, uh, freckle distribution."

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Patrick said...

One of the things I'm most impressed by when I teach people yoga is how clumsiness can be overcome with practice. It's not a permanent condition!